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Tibetan Restaurant

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A Bu Lu Zi Tibetan Restaurant est. 2004

A Bu Lu Zi is Jiuzhaigou's only gourmet Tibetan restaurant. Ke Zhu is our highly trained head chef and he has created a menu which is a mix of traditional and contemporary Tibetan food. Zhuo Ma hosts the family restaurant and looks forward to welcoming you.

Many people visit Jiuzhaigou and miss any exposure to Tibetan culture. We enjoy introducing guests to Tibetan culture through food as well as our Eco Lodge and Home Stay experiences.

Our wish is that you enjoy your stay in Jiuzhaigou, our home, and hope that our mouth-watering food, Tibetan barley wine and entertainment will add to your experience.
* Lonely Planet China 2011 Top Choice for Jiuzhaigou dining *

What the Lonely Planet China, 2011 says:
The most genuine Tibetan restaurant in Jiuzhaigou, this excellent place, run by the same family behind Zhuo Ma's Home Stay - Zhuo Ma's brother, Ke Zhu, is a trained chef - has an extensive menu of delicious Tibetan dishes. Tibetan cookery classes are also held here.

Dining Options

Depending on your requirements we can organise group meals that include the following:
  • Banquet / buffet / a la carte meals in A Bu Lu Zi Tibetan Restaurant. 
  • Outdoor BBQ at Zhuo Ma's Jiuzhaigou Home Stay or A Bu Lu Zi Eco Lodge.
  • Picnic / BBQ with spectacular views at the top of our valley.
  • Traditional Tibetan meals in the Home Stay.
  • Private dining in A Bu Lu Zi Eco Lodge.